BIGBANG. It is a term that refers to a Korean boy band. A word that some irks to hear. A word which is frequently heard. Whatever it may refer to the public's eyes, to me, BIGBANG is the true definition of hard work, perseverance, friendship, teamwork and of course most importantly, musicians. They started off small, without the world even knowing their existence, from rookies, trainees to now, global, worldwide artistes, singers performing on that grand stage. It didn't come without countless of tears shed, hard work and effort put in.

From a training room to a stage, in front of more than 800,000 fans WORLDWIDE, I am proud to say their 1st world tour, the ALIVE GALAXY TOUR sponsored by Samsung, has come to an end. They used to have a dream of just being successful underground hip hop rookies and now they developed and nurtured into something bigger, a group that is full of passion for music, a group that composes their own songs, a group that create real music that is enjoyable by all age groups, by people all over the world. It is really tough for me to part with this 1st world tour of theirs because firstly, this is obviously their 1st world tour. It left me deep memories. I've met so many amazing people through BIGBANG, through this world tour of theirs. I also want to express my heartfelt sincerity and joy to meet all of you at the tour. I'm really blessed to be able to meet such friendly and nice people all over the world.

Secondly, I met amazing musicians, not BIGBANG but the live band and dancers playing for them. Bennie (Drummer), Dante (Keyboard), Justin (Guitarist), Omar (Bassist), THANK YOU SO MUCH for the opportunity for me to meet all of you. It's such a pleasure and blessing to do so. Hi-Tech, Crazy, the girls and boys, dancers for BIGBANG, I didn't got to interact with all of you but it was nice to get to see all of you. Truly amazing.

To be honest here, it's my first concert so far in my life so I'm of course thankful for everything. I didn't get to see BIGBANG (the boys, G-DRAGON, TOP, TAEYANG, DAESUNG, SEUNGRI) up close but i'm already grateful to attend the concert.

BIGBANG GALAXY ALIVE TOUR billboard spotted by me in Hong Kong.

At the North Entrance of the Singapore Indoor Stadium, waiting to get into the stadium , for the show to start of course.

Lastly, of course I can't bear to part with everything but as said, only when we let go of the past, bigger, greater and more amazing things would then happen so I think it's better to stop mourning over it. Instead, let's rejoice because G-DRAGON and Daesung's solo world tour is coming up next. Why not let us anticipate for it? When I meant of letting go and moving on, it doesn't means the memories I had would be erased. The memories and experiences I had got from this world tour would be deeply engraved in my heart, in my soul till whenever.

This was a long post but I just had to pour out my emotions...thank you so much for reading. See you next time!



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