S for SEN

S stands for Sen. Sen Mitsuji. My favourite male model of all time. His charisma, ARGHH!!! Some of you might recognize him since he's quite renowned. He's a Japanese with mixed Australian blood model. He has been on runways like Thom Browne, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Issey Miyake, local Japanese label, Phenomenon and many more. 

With his black hair and brown eyes, he never EVER fails to charm me. NEVER. 
I'm pretty much sure some of you out there are already drooling over him. For those who haven't, here's more fetish photos of Sen to make all of you gaga over him. /evil laugh

That's all for now. I don't want too much drooling in here HAHA! You can check out more pictures of Sen at here. Courtesy of pictures goes to: http://fuckyeahmitsujisen.tumblr.com/. Love whoever that owner of the Tumblr is for providing so much information and pictures of Sen. 
See all of you soon. Have a nice weekend!

Much hugs and kisses to all the Sen Mitsuji fans out there! Muahh!


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