The Pledge of Being A VIP

This post is just going to be about how I feel of being a VIP. This post is also for me to clear up the misunderstandings people have about me being a VIP.
1st, I'm not a rich VIP. 2nd, I'm not a sasaeng (overly obsessed) fan. 3rd, I don't devote my entire life for BIGBANG.
Everybody got it all wrong. Being a VIP isn't about the amount you spend being one, it isn't ALL about supporting them financially. Partly, of course yes, you buy their albums and what not.
But, it serves utterly no purpose if you are just going to buy everything they and the company produce when your heart, your soul isn't with them at all.
Being a fan isn't all about chasing them for a photograph, for a sign. It shows how much you deeply and truly love and respect them. I'm proud to say, every single album and merchandise and even concert tickets I bought were out of my love and respect for them.
There are a lot of different fans out there in this world, in the music industry, not only the Korean music industry. I can't name all types of different fans out here.
For me, I am already a VIP (fan of BIGBANG) for 4 years straight since 2009, I wasn't there when they first started in 2006 of course neither can I say I own all of their albums.
I can only be happy to say I've devoted a lot, when I mean a lot, I really mean A LOT of time watching them on shows, on music shows or festivals live etc on that small little computer screen.
Being a fan also does not mean you give up on your life, you stop doing what you used to do in life, stop going outdoors or even stop working or studying to devote your entire life to being a fan.
Being a fan is none of the above. There is no true definition of what really means to be a fan. Everyone has their own definition and perspective of what being a fan is like or what should they actually do to be considered a fan in their eyes.
To me, being a fan is just like making a pledge, everyday. It's also not just a pledge but a promise. A promise that you won't give up hope on them, you will continue believing, with faith and excitement for their next album, their new mixtapes or what not.
It's not about the time you spend, not the money you spend but the feelings and emotions you put into being a fan. EVERYONE can be a fan. What matters most is WHAT type of fan are YOU!
Think about it. Being a fan is not what everybody thinks its like.


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