I seldom make blog posts about collections I adore but I simply just can't do the same for the recent collection of THOM BROWNE. It's recent show took place in New York, their ready-to-wear collection of 2013. There wasn't much vibrant colours shown in their collection this time round unlike their Spring 13 collection for men. This collection had few complex design, instead, it focused more on simplicity with class (what Browne always does best of course).

I simply love, ABSOLUTELY love this collection of his! The first impression I got from the collection was: Goth, Dark and Gloom. It had several dark shade pieces with some red pieces as well. It reminded me of the olden days, the not vintage but gothic look.

Another thing I had greatly appreciated and loved were the flowery prints of roses on a handful of their pieces. The models were holding a stalk or some even a number of stalks of roses and there were even rose prints on the dresses and coats. It had somewhat of a huge impact on me. I aren't a big fan of floral or flowery prints but this one? I enjoyed it a lot. It gave the whole look an Imperial feel. Since I am a Chinese, I can't help but feel that way. But, hold your boots. It was a good one. I appreciated Browne's efforts to make me have various feels on different pieces, shocking me throughout the entire collection.

Besides those, there were also other prints that looked to me like leaves? I wasn't sure about that. Please correct me. Overall, I am proud and glad to say, this is one of the best collections I've ever seen. It is also one of the collections of Browne that I enjoy. I look forward to more of such collections from Browne in the future.

Picture courtesy of STYLE.COM. View the full collection at STYLE.COM.



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