Simplicity. What flashes in your mind when simplicity, this word is being said to you? For me, it would be Phoebe Philo, British fashion designer's label, Celine. I'm sure all of you would be familiar with her for her remarkable clothing designs and the fact that she is a super mom. Married with three children, Philo is still coping good with her career and family life. She is not only a designer I look up to, I'm impressed on how she manages to balance both family and work. No need to say, I love this latest collection of hers.

Probably her best outings to date, she managed to deliver the full essence of French dressing. Nonchalance without losing an ounce of elegance. It was a simple collection but not boring or over striking. As Philo said after the show backstage, it was coming from a place of emotion and intimacy, the collection had very lovely, dreamy fabrics with twists and innovation in the pieces. Clutches with cut out wrist-holes and new cuts and shapes, Philo left a deep impression on me with this collection. Not that she doesn't in her other collections but I was terribly amazed by this one.

I really felt like touching the fabrics for this one.

All of you have to agree with me on this: When I first looked at the pieces, not only did I wanted to buy them, I wanted to feel the fabrics of them. Strange you say but the fabrics gave me an indescribable feeling I haven't pretty much felt throughout the years of my appreciation for fashion and the numerous collections I've seen. Warmth, class and femininity is what I can describe of this collection of Philo's. I hope the other designers would gain inspiration from this collection like how I did.

Instead of being cool, Philo displayed warmth, something I really would love to see more of in the fashion industry. Philo would definitely be the girl to see where fashion is headed. 

Photo courtesy of style.com.
View the full CELINE FALL RTW 13 collection at style.com

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