Firstly, I apologize deeply for not updating my blog for such a long time! I've recently been extremely busy with my studies (piles and piles of work to do!) and I needed to recollect myself for awhile. Well, I'm back now though! (hopefully for long...) So here are some updates!

Something that I've been dying to share, I've just bought a book on Alexander McQueen, published by one of VOGUE's book line, VOGUE ON. 

This is how the cover looks like.

I'm still halfway through the book so...I'll keep you guys updated after I finished it! So far so good, actually. To sum everything up, it's basically a book or probably more like a biography on McQueen. One thing I absolutely love about the book was how they were able to touch on how much of an impact and influence he had on the Fashion industry. I think that was extremely well done. (Because I love the book so much, I may be doing a book review!)

Next, if you're following me on my social networking sites such as Facebook or Instagram, you would've known that I went for G-DRAGON's ONE OF A KIND concert in Singapore. I'll be blogging about it as soon as I can when I have the time so stay tuned! 

Lastly, I hope to be back on track again as soon as possible, updating on every latest fashion trends, shows as such. (crossing my fingers!) Of course, I wouldn't want a stagnant blog, would I? I kindly request for your patience as I try to start the ball rolling again. 

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