The title says it all. Issabel Marant for H&M is confirmed to be dropping out this November 14. Apparently, the lookbook (or should I say partial?) has been leaked...well, I'm glad it is! I mean, have you guys seen it? IT'S ABSOLUTELY, PERFECTLY, GORGEOUS! And, I can't wait to raid my nearest H&M store soon for it. In fact, I have plans on camping outside of the store before it's release...hmm...should I? Have all of you planned your wishlist for this upcoming Nov? What are the wants you guys want from the collection?
I definitely want everything. (if only it is possible...)

Here are a few pieces/looks I totally adore and would get:
THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVS!  So sleek and classy. The pearls add a very feminine and elegant touch. Perfect.

Doesn't the coat looks amazing? I like how this look is kept clean and minimal in prints.

One word: want.
The blouse looks great.
Since I'm residing in a tropical country, I don't think I would ever wear this but, why not buy it? Heeeello, it's Isabel Marant for H&M we're talking about here! 

I'm really into booties recently so this is a must on my want list.
The colours. SOOOO PRETTY! (and plus, it's darn affordable) How can I say no?!

Simple and classy. Me love!

What do all of you think of it? Was it beyond your expectations or just...meh? For me, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It's really affordable yet it's amazingly, gorgeous! Now, after looking at the photos, whose with me to go camping outside the H&M store before this collection drops out?! you still need more drool-worthy pictures to convince yourself?

More pics can be found here. (Oops, I forgot to mention, they have pieces for children and men too! Isn't that fabulous?)

 Leave your thoughts below and let me know how do you feel about the upcoming collaboration!

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