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Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm Shelene, 13-years old and currently residing in Singapore! There are a lot of Fashion blogs and bloggers out there but I still do hope to stand out among all because I have always a strong passion for Fashion. To me, Fashion is something I can't live without.

As a matter of fact, I breathe, eat and drink Fashion. Everyday. Every moment, every second. My aspiration is to become a Fashion journalist one day or perhaps working for VOGUE!

 I don't have a specific favourite brand or label. I'm always changing and I love changes. I'm into streetwear, couture and everything else. I'm not afraid to experiment and try new styles.

The creation of this blog is to in hopes of sharing my journey with as many people as possible. I wish to spread and share my love and devotion towards Fashion with everyone and I hope everybody would appreciate and love this blog as much as I do.

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Breathing fashion for 14 years now. I laugh off my mistakes and I am the unexpected. I have no forte. I am a forte.