I guess I gave enough clues on my previous post on some of the things I've been working on. One of them was...

FIDé Fashion Week!

I won tickets from Willabelle Ong, the founder of Pale Division ! I'm truly thrilled to be able to win tickets to such an amazing Fashion event and I have absolutely no regrets about it. I was fortunate to attend 2 shows on Thursday, 10th October: Porsche Design and Anne Fontaine. I had a blast.
I was even more elated and grateful when Willabelle offered me another ticket for 4 Menswear shows on Saturday, 12th October: Burkman Bros, Uomo Collezioni, Surrender and Songzio. 

Press kit for Porsche Design and Anne Fontaine.
I had a hard time deciding on what to wear since it was my FIRST Fashion event. Nope, I've never attended any Fashion shows or whatsoever, mind you. Feeling both nervous and excited at the same time, I made my way to the Sands Expo and Convention Centre on Thursday.
I was immediately greeted by a red carpet (totally surprised here to see one for the first time. Now, don't judge me!)
I'm here! 
Everything ran smoothly, I got my tickets, was early and so on. Well, let's skip the boring stuff and go on with the fun parts, shall we? *wink*
I was with one of my amazing friends that loves and appreciates Fashion as much as I do, I shan't reveal her name unless she wants me to! Heh.
Before we got seated, we had to go through this amazingly cool room or less exaggerated, known as a reception. (Sorry, I am still sooo dazed about everything im just exaggerating lots of stuff, oh my.)
Decorated with pretty chandeliers hanging!
We got served bubbly, sparkling champagne but we had to pass since we weren't legal to drink yet. Sigh. Glad they served orange juice and etc. though. After a few glasses of drinks, we could finally move to the room where the runway was, where all the glitz and glamour and not forgetting, the fun was happening.
Taken before the Porsche Design show.
We were appointed to only seats at the 3rd row since the first 2 rows were for VIPs and the Media only. However, we were subsequently moved to the 2nd row because there wasn't much of a huge crowd. In fact, there was an available seat at the 1st row that both my friend and I were offered to, but we kindly rejected. A friendly gentleman seated next to me actually asked me why I rejected the once-in-a-life time opportunity but I just shrugged it off. Afterwards, he asked me again,
"By any chance, are you a blogger?" I just had to laughed. I sure am, but not that of a big hit yet. ;P

 (Btw guys, don't worry. I actually got a 1st row seat eventually. You'll find out later in this post!)

After the Porsche Design show, I was blessed enough to meet the kind lady that got me this far, to this event, Willabelle! 
She was extremely nice and totally not hostile as I expected her to be. (You can't blame me, I've always thought the people working in the Fashion industry was vile and vicious haha) She was way opposite. We asked for a picture and we got em'! 
With the one and only, Willabelle Ong!
Ugh, I'm still in true regret of my super unglamorous face that day. :(

Anyway, here's a picture of my ticket and the press kit I got from the Porsche Design show. I really loved the designer and collection's daring and many uses of leather. In love! 

Sadly, I didn't take as much pictures. I have a couple of videos but I'll probably upload them in a separate post as I can foresee this would be a suuuuuper long post bombarded with plenty of photos already. (P.S pictures were taken using my phone so I apologize for the poor lighting, quality or as such.) 

After the shows, my friend decided to go into the MCM showroom. (We weren't attending the MCM show but still...) I met some new friends there! ;) 
Say hi to my new adorable friends from MCM! x 

That was all for Thursday.

I had a horrible time waiting for Saturday to arrive. It arrived anyway (lol). Saturday was a lot of fun! Everything was about the same, except that I was alone on Saturday till Surrender's show which I had extra tickets for so I invited the same friend that tagged along with me for the shows on Thursday. 

Another surprise, I ACTUALLY SAW G-DRAGON. I guess most of you by now would have already know that I'm a HUGE, MEGA, SUPER and ULTRA fan of BIGBANG. (If you don't, I'm telling you now, I am.) He was originally here for a private showcase which I could go but didn't want to. It was SGD $120 for his performance of 5 of his hit songs but meh, I decided to pass since I had already spent a bomb in the month of October. Nevertheless, I still got to catch bits and parts of his performance through a projector screen. (It was all good!) 

What I didn't expect though...I saw him in PERSON. He was simply oozing with swag and aura when he stepped into the room while literally gliding through everyone to his seat. He was along with a few VIPs and former Singaporean actress and now owner of the Surrender luxury clothes retail store, Fiona Xie. He had the special privilege of getting seated next to Frank Cintamani, chairman of Fide Fashion Weeks.

He had a plain black tee on and topped it off with a classic Saint Laurent long fedora hat and a chunky gold chain necklace. I managed to took a very blurry picture of him. (Why...I should've brought my camera along...)
My love, G-DRAGON.
Everything else was perfect, as expected. The shows was amazing and gorgeous. I'm just going to sum up with pictures I took!


The stage G-DRAGON was performing on.

I got front row seats for Burkman Bros' show!


I'm going to miss everyone and the experience...:(

Hope to get such a wonderful opportunity again next year!



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