I've been into coats recently, though I know very well I'm living in a tropical country that is super humid all year-round. (this actually pisses me off a lot) Just for your info, I follow trends for the season but I don't buy my clothes according to whether are they from old collections or not. I just buy whatever that looks good. Simple as that! I know that might sound stupid to some people but yeah. 
I've been so obsessed with coats so much that I'm begging my mom to buy me one though I know I won't probably wear it in such weather here in Singapore. I mean, c'mon it's like what? 25-30 degrees in here? I would die of a heatstroke. 

Well I guess I just have to continue with my delusions of buying and wearing a coat in here or stick to blazers.

Next, I'm also in a super clutch-obsessed state. Have you all seen how adorable Olympia Le-Tan's new clutches from the latest collection is? I don't know if I would pretty much want them but they look cute, and I mean, extremely cute. 
OLYMPIA LE-TAN's 'Lolita' Clutch
SO CUTE! And apparently, there are more designs and they are limited to 16 of each designed, all hand-made by Le-Tan herself. OMG? They cost a bomb, though. Priced at $1,000+ varying on the design, there are still doubts on whether would I buy them or not. 

Yay, that's all for now! Let me know by leaving a comment on what is your wishlist for October?



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