It's been awhile! How's everybody doing so far? I have an amazing month so far. I was given the rare opportunity to volunteer at Digital Fashion Week, folks. I should've blogged about it sooner about this but I wanted to keep it as a surprise. It's over now and it was truly an eye-opening experience for me. I got to meet numerous of gorgeous, handsome and lovely people over the 4 days and got to work with some experienced and friendly people whom I in the end, befriended with. I'll never stop being grateful for everything including this opportunity all because of one thing- my age. I think I'm just so fortunate to see and go through countless of stuff kids my age would probably not at my age. Enough with the long talk! Time for photos!
My all-access pass for the pre-cocktail reception, runway and...BACKSTAGE!

Not to mention, I was lucky enough to bump shoulders with supermodel, Naomi Campbell. There were also a few more lucky ones who got kisses on their cheeks and hugs showered by Naomi at the press conference! However, I guess y'all do know the winner from The Face UK right...? Does Devyn Abdullah sounds familiar to you? What about Team Naomi?
I was lucky enough to bump into Devyn Abdullah, the winner of The Face UK, from Naomi's team at the runway. I mustered all my courage to ask for a photo with her. Gosh, did I ever mentioned, she was so tall! (and gorgeous, of course!) 

The one and only, beautiful host, Simone Heng hanging out with us at the registration counter!

All geared up! 

 Besides than Digital Fashion Week, I got invites from the STYLE: team to Calvin Klein Jeans' party at their store at ION Orchard a few weeks ago. I was too exhausted to blog about it then. I brought a friend along and we had much fun together! Here is a picture of me and Ross and Bobby Tonelli from 98.7FM at the event:
Ross and Bobby lookin' good! 
October and November so far has been pretty wack for me. Amazing stuff has been happening to me and I can't feel anything more than blessed. Thanking God for everything. The next thing to look out for...the highly anticipated Isabel Marant x H&M collection.
Who's excited?! Hopefully I get to snatch something I want. Mark your calenders people, 14th November.

Final bonus picture from the runway of Digital Fashion Week!

That's all for now.



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