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I've been so tempted and itched to write a blog post every now and then. This blog post today would be all dedicated to my one and only Fashion icon, the one who lured me into this whole Fashion obsession of mine at the age of 12 (I'm 13 now FYI) , G-DRAGON. I think because of my K-POP obsession that started a few years back caused this and brought me to where I am now today. I should be grateful.

My mom always never understood my eccentric taste in men, Fashion and literally everything. This one is no exception. G-DRAGON. She never knew what I loved about him. G-DRAGON, or his birth name, Kwon Ji Yong, or known as his abbreviated name, GD, is the leader of Korean pop boy band, BIGBANG (my favourite band in K-POP!) He's born on the 18th of August in 1988 (18/08/88). So many 8s. Auspicious isn't it?

Turquoise sweater with an oversized, pink Celine coat.
He's known as a style chameleon in South Korea due to his forever-changing style and most especially, his hairstyles. Don't mind me but I have to admit, he's also one of the flower pretty boys you'll always see in the Korean music industry...BUT he is more than that. He has created an image to surround himself from misleading people thinking that he's just an ordinary flower boy.

It's difficult for me on where to start with his style. Hm, I'll just start off with his airport Fashion. One of my favourite looks from him.
One thing I have to love about him, he can pull off almost anything, any look. Punk, rock, hipster, chic, bold, retro, casual, ANYTHING. However, I'm sure all of the Fashion icons out there do at least have a few Fashion disasters right? He's of course not an exception. Here are some looks I absolutely adore from him:
GD in Paris for Junya Watanabe's show.
GD at FIDe Fashion Week in Singapore, 2013.
GD at Incheon Airport, pulling off a Chanel jacket for Women, 2012.
At Chanel's VIP party, 2010.
GD's street style. Customised jacket.

At Incheon Airport. Fisherman cap and Camo shorts.
Arriving in Incheon Airport, 2010.
GD at Marc Jacobs' show in 2011. 
I guess there's enough pictures. Wait, there's one more I need to share. His revolution of his hairstyles from 2010 to early 2012.

It might be a little too tiny for y'all to see but I've already enlarged it to the biggest, X-Large. G-DRAGON doesn't have a specific style, as mentioned before in several interviews, he has 3 wardrobes dedicated to his overflowing amount of clothes and because his style is ever-changing, he does not have specific favourite brands or labels. 

As for the part where he inspires me, Fashion was something I would practically roll my eyes at in the past but GD changed the entire definition of Fashion to me. I've started to love Fashion because of his bold and edgy style and the fact that I now believe Fashion is something I'm able to use to express myself freely and to me, Fashion is now the easiest way for anyone to know my personality straight away. Just like how Art and Poetry is able to express one's feelings, Fashion does the same purpose for me. 

For now though, I'm starting to uncover a deeper meaning behind Fashion. Fashion is not about just clothes, but lifestyle. Fashion is in an individual. G-DRAGON himself is not just someone I take inspiration from for Fashion but also someone I tremendously respect and look up to because of how freely he expresses himself in various ways, not giving a damn on what people thinks of him. 

Alright, this should be the longest post I've written by far, lol. That's all for now! There's many thoughts I want to express but it would be too long to post haha! Maybe some other time! 

Until then,

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