This is my first time blogging/ writing about a trend. I don't really wear according to the trends for every season but I'm aware of them. I think it's important for one to be aware and conscious about the trends every season but I don't encourage one to dress according to the trends. One of the trends I've realized for 2013 is, Floral prints. I think Floral prints has evolved and developed over the years. There are many types of floral prints and designers have been mashing up floral prints with various other prints, producing out many variations of floral prints. Such as, Givenchy's recent Antigona Rose Camouflage print.

Self-created Polyvore set.
Floral prints used to be considered as something, 'old-fashioned', 'vintage' and viewed negatively in the past but I think designers have stepped their game up and re-sculpted it into something new and refreshing. Something modern that everyone, young and old can wear out comfortably. Be it shirts, skirts, shoes, bags or anything, there has been a rise of floral prints on not only clothing, fashion-wise but also in furniture and such.

I'm not a big fan of floral prints but the trend is growing and I do discover some pieces with floral prints that I really love. Besides than floral prints, I'll start blogging more about the other recent trends of the season plus some of my absolute favourite trends from the runway in 2013. 

Trends are equally important and not important to me. Confused? I keep up-to-date with trends to make myself more aware and conscious of the Fashion industry yet at the same time I don't let trends get to me because I honestly feel that I should just wear what makes me feel good, comfortable and of course pretty-looking. If you were always constantly 24/7 cray about trends like, "Hey, this piece is pretty...but not in trend this season. I shouldn't buy it.", I think that's wrong. It really depends on individuals but I don't like buying clothing according to trend but as said, of course you're not gonna buy a piece of shabby and old-looking clothing from the 90s. Buying clothes according to the trends kill my inspirational vibes. 

Finally to end things off, I wish all of my readers, friends and loved ones a MERRY CHRISTMAS! May all of you have a blessed Xmas with your family and eat to your heart's desires. (Forget about diets! It's the festive season, folks!) 

Have an amazing day!


(Please credit me when taking out my picture! I spent 3 days working on that, I don't want people to claim it their own. Thank you xo)


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