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As a Singaporean myself, I find that the Fashion scene is not as big as Tokyo's or even Korea's hence I rarely took notice of local Singapore designers. I only started to develop an interest and liking for local labels when I was working at Digital Fashion Week. There was lots of local labels' shows and showcases. From there, I found a few local labels that intrigued me. DEPRESSION was one of them.

Started in 2006 by designers, Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim, they were inspired by the corporate boredom of the advertising industry hence their label, DEPRESSION represents breaking from boredom and standing out. 

DEPRESSION SS11 'Dysfunction'
DEPRESSION SS13 'Blackout' Mens'
DEPRESSION AW12 'Plastic Surgery' Womens'
What I really like about the label is of their frequent use of monochrome colours- Black and White. I've always been a fan of both colours but sometimes, you get criticised by people for always wearing dull clothing with only those two colours. I feel that DEPRESSION is able to re-create clothes with only two of those colours into something new and fresh. Something that people wouldn't think of the ordinary. I guess that's why they described their label as 'breaking from boredom'. Their clothes are totally not bored and they certainly don't bore people either.
DEPRESSION AW13/14 'Dysmorphia'
Well, so what do you think of the amazing label? I'm really obsessed and impressed with this label at the moment. I've made up my mind to buy one of their dresses soon for Christmas and also their lovely block heels for New Years'. What about you?

Flood me with your thoughts below!

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