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Helloooo! I'm back after winter break! School started a month ago and I've been waaaay too busy to update with another post. I'm glad to be finally back. The couture shows itched me too badly I had to post at least something. Although I didn't post, I had saw Mens' Fall 2014 shows too. Anyway, it's late but well at least, HAPPY NEW YEAR! New year, new resolutions. What are yours? :P

Moving on, I'm still so dazed after looking at Valentino's Spring 2014 Couture show pics. Isn't it gorgeous?!?! 

I'm also super happy to see one of my fav models, Xiao Wen Ju walking for Valentino. She's so pretty! *spazz fest* I really love Valentino's concept for their couture show this time. It's clearly jungle/wild-ish and gives off a very fierce yet light vibe while giving off that same type of elegant-ness Valentino is clearly expert at. 

I really love the animal prints too. 


The musical note sheer dress is my fav one from the collection because it's sooo adorable! It left me in awe, admiring at its perfection. Ahhh. No words can describe how much I love their couture collection this time round. All I can say is just pure perfection. They can experiment so much with lace and the definition of femininity.

Nobody does it like Valentino

(P.S Since it's a new year, I'll try to experiment with new material, layouts and other stuff for the blog! Only time will tell what new crazy stuff I'm gonna do for the blog. Not gonna spoil anything ;))

Thank you!


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