H&M Conscious Spring 2014

Legit tears immediately fell when I first saw H&M's latest Conscious Spring 2014 collection. It's now totally on my MUST-BUY list.

Jumpsuit, £39.99; jacket, £199.99

I absolutely love the jacket. It looks so haute-couture-ish but it actually seems very wearable.

Tiered gown, £299.99

The gown...*heavy breathing*. I actually wouldn't mind buying it for my wedding if I ever went broke and can't afford a Vera Wang or Marchesa wedding gown. (only if im reaaaally reaally broke!) I mean c'mon it's only SGD 632 for such a gorgeous gown. And it's tiered. What else more can one ask for?

Trousers, £29.99

Stunning trousers! I doubt I can pull those off though lol. 

Dress, £129.99; shoulder piece, £79.99

You have no idea how much I love the shoulder piece. It's soooo stunning! But I'm still considering to buy it or not because I doubt you can wear this on daily occasions. Maybe only on special occasions or on dinner dates/appointments. I wonder if you can use it on a plain white tee though...maybe only then you can pull it off casually. Or else you'll look too gaga-ish. 

Top, £39.99

I absolutely adore the fine detailing on the top. It makes it look so elegant so you def can pull it off with plain trousers, you'll still look classy and fine as hell. You don't even need any more accessories and you'll still be looking so damn good. That's what I looove about such fine-detailed and elegant tops. Must have.

Last but not least...
Shoes, £79.99

It's made from 50% organic cotton and 50% organic cow leather. Brilliancy at it's finest, I swear. All I can say is just: BUY! 

I completely freaking loooove this collection so much I want to raid the H&M store right now. However, the collection is only dropping out on the 10th of April sooo...time to mark your calenders first! I'm just really glad not only because the collection is gorgeous but also because it's coming from H&M's Conscious collection, so that means you're buying not only pretty clothing but also clothing made from sustainable materials. I'm happy to see that there's more sustainable choices in Fashion now and sometimes I think we buy clothing so much and so often, we should be seeing such more of collections where retailers opt for using organic materials for our clothing and etc. I feel that it's a great move to promote the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and in using natural resources responsibly. 

What do you guys think of H&M's latest Conscious collection? Yay or Nay? If Yay, what pieces do you all plan on buying? 

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