BLUEPRINT 2014 + Audi Fashion Festival 2014


As some of you would know, I was involved in the volunteering of BLUEPRINT 2014 and Audi Fashion Festival. I was more than honoured to have been given such an opportunity. I was nervous as usual of course but it gradually got better after days. 

I actually signed up as a dresser for Audi Fashion Festival but was ended up assigned to Blueprint as an usher. Blueprint is Asia's Fashion gateway and has 2 trade shows for fashion buyers and industry professionals to view some of Asia and Europe's  amazing emerging labels. 

I was pretty disappointed at first because I badly wanted to volunteer for AFF (Audi Fashion Festival)...but well, volunteering at Blueprint was reaaally fun and an eye-opening experience for me too.

Le crew shirt
I can't write ALL of everything I saw and experienced but I'm glad to say I survived through the 2 days I was assigned to. It was exhausting and tiring. However, I have to say, it was my first time seeing so many Fashion buyers and professionals of the industry in one room. I was really amazed to see different talented designers from Asia and even from UK.

I totally hadn't heard of Blueprint or such an event before my volunteering experience at all, honestly. So, I think this was a thrilling and amazing experience for me though of course, there were some stuff that cropped up. I also met some of the most helpful and friendly people throughout my days at Blueprint and I love y'all so much. Thank you for tolerating this lost and extremely young and inexperienced 14 year-old girl. Of course, I have to thank you guys for all the advice that you all gave me. It was totally helpful and relevant to what I'm facing in school.

I had free ice cream and canapes at Blueprint too hehehehe. Don't forget the free sparkling water the buyer hosts gave me too. I'm extremely eager to volunteer as a buyer host next year at Blueprint as much as I loved my experience as an usher this year. I feel that as a buyer host, I can learn more and expose myself in depth of the industry. I think I can learn lots more about the job of Fashion buyers as a buyer host too. 

DEPRESSION's show at Blueprint.
I was extremely elated when some of the designers happily ran up to me and complimented on my pants. I recalled a designer yelling ecstatically: "OMG, WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR PANTS! I love em'! Do they have it in my size?!"  
The pants that a lot of people loved!

I was sooooo damn proud of myself lol. I know I sound so arrogant but hey, if a designer appreciates your outfit, isn't that something to kinda gloat about?!?!?! Not too much, of course hahaha. The best and most humbling part was that you feel that slight burst of ecstasy because someone appreciates your dressing and it makes you really motivated to put in effort to dress even better. 

Yay and here comes the fun part. After my 2-day shift at Blueprint, I thought everything was over and oh hell no, the party just started. I was contacted that AFF needed more help as some people left (??) and I was contacted in the late morning on a Saturday, just when I was about to go shopping. Well being the enthusiast I was, I couldn't reject anything when it comes to Fashion. I agreed immediately to head to AFF at 3pm. On that day itself. 

Oh boy. I still actually think I'm craaaay for making that hasty decision! It's still one of the best decisions I've made in my life so far, of course.

My volunteer pass! I'm one happy gurl.
I was assigned to the Logistics section and we had to pack goodie bags for the shows. We packed about 1008 bags in 2 hours. Isn't that insane? My hands were almost on the verge of falling but whew, some crew members brought us some canapes. I had a tiny piece of seared tuna with wasabi and oh god, it was heavenly. 

We had Haagen-Dazs ice-cream afterwards. It was free so why not?
Belgian Chocolate
I had another scoop of it after a few shows. I was out to usher the show because the team fell short of ushers. We had to rush our lives in placing the goodie bags and magazines on the seats because the guests were all outside already and worst still, the show was delayed for more than an hour. 

It was pretty hectic. I went from packing goodie bags, having ice cream and canapes to ushering and placing freebies on seats for the guests. That pretty well described what I experienced at AFF. Not forgetting us getting to watch the shows.

In conclusion, I noticed quite the vast difference when I was at Blueprint and AFF. At Blueprint, things went pretty slow and everybody's so chill. At AFF, everything was CHOP CHOP CHOP. There's not a single second to delay at AFF. Everybody is pretty tensed and alert at all times too. I liked and enjoyed both environments as both of them were pleasant as I could handle both the environments. 
Blurry shot of PARCO Japan's collection at AFF.

I guess that's all for now. I'm sorry for the lack of pictures because I was crazily busy throughout my volunteer work that I kinda had no time to spare for photo-taking. I swear it was a wonderful experience though.

Thank you for reading and have an amazing day! 


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