Dirty Vibe


May 17th, 2014

Shirt // Uniqlo
Pants // Mu 
Shoes// Converse
Clutch // Headline Seoul
Chain // COS 
Hat // Joyrich
Wallet // DKNY

I'm superrr obsessed with my newly-purchased pants. It looks really avant-garde and reminds me of Comme Des Garcons but of course, more affordable for my wallet lol. It's from Mu and it's from a local designer, Alfie Leong. It may seem too baggy or whatever some people told me but it's actually really comfy! I looove it so much that I want to wear it everyday 'cause I can just pair it with a simple top and make my entire outfit stylish without much effort. 

(P.S this was my outfit when I was out going for BLUEPRINT Emporium for some shopping before I headed to Audi Fashion Festival. I'll write more about those in another separate post soon!)



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