Finally back again with another trend report! I'm getting addicted to writing these so I guess everyone should be prepared for more of such posts. Hah. Gonna write about something I share a love-hate relationship with today.

Personally, I'm not in favour of wearing skirts that are calf-length-ish or anything that's longer than my knee-length. Nothing to be alarmed about though, it's just a personal preference. However, my eyes are peeled onto some midi-skirts that catches my eye. I never knew midi-skirts could look that cool.

Midi-skirts are defined as a cone-shaped skirt that hangs around the waist and it covers all parts of the leg. I have to disagree with that as I see various definitions of what a midi-skirt should be. There's certainly lots of improvements and changes with your usual 'old' and 'boring' midi-skirts.

From conservative khaki midi-skirts to bold laser-cut leather ones, there's now an endless options of such skirts everyone has to offer. And, another problem majority of people face, HOW DO I STYLE A MIDI-SKIRT?!?!?! *pulls hair* I'm pretty sure this is something that makes most of you put back that midi-skirt back onto the rack, rightttt? Fret not, I'm here to solve your problem.

While investigating on midi-skirts, I've compiled a list of lust-worthy skirts ranging from budget friendly ones to some that are too 'avant-garde-ish' that you can only imagine yourself not wearing. Along with that, I made a few outfits that you could pair up with a midi-skirt to solve all your problems. Now, hurry up and get the midi-skirt you've been desiring for months!

From a card-deck midi skirt from Olympia Le Tan, to a basic striking orange midi from Topshop, there's lots of picks for you to choose from. 

For me, a good outfit comprising of a midi would be a dull top and then along with a turquoise or any strikingly-coloured midi skirt. I'm not a big fan of layering colours or colour-blocking so I wouldn't want any clashing colours. I'm kinda the in-between person. Not too bold and not too dull or boring. I guess the correct word to describe my style would be minimalist. 

Now, here are some tips on how to style a midi! 

Midi skirts usually fall till the length of your knee or more so I prefer wearing a midi with a cropped top. I think a lot of people have misconceptions of midi skirts as a skirt that must be formal or dressy but I have to disagree. I think it can be casual too when styled with a cropped tee or a turtleneck.

Honestly, I feel like I'm too short to wear a midi skirt. That might just be a myth or misconception but I've always thought of lengthy skirts for tall and slim girls as I think it's pretty weird if someone short wears a long skirt or even a maxi dress. I don't know if only I feel that way or is it really true but yeah lol that's just my perspective and thoughts!

As said, I have to admit, I haven't and do not own a midi skirt. I probably will get myself one soon when I fly to Korea in Oct (heheheh hint hint) and I hope I find pretty ones! Although I'm only 14 *coughs*, I think I have an odd liking and taste for clothes more mature of my age like lace dresses and midi skirts. It's just that I always doubt I have the courage to wear them out. In fact, I have loads of shoes and clothes I buy and dump them at home because I never get the opportunity or courage to wear them. Sigh.

That's all for now. Let me know if you have any tips and tricks on coordinating midi skirts into your daily outfits and some of your favourite midi skirts around! 



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