Seoul Fashion Week!! + Seoul

Holidays just officially started for me and I've just gotten back from the land of kimchi aka South Korea. 
Just a warning before I start the post, this post will be VERY SUPER SUUUUPER PHOTO HEAVY. You have been warned, folks. 

My main purpose of the trip was to go sightseeing and be an ordinary tourist. However, to my utmost surprise, I got tickets to S=YZ's show at Seoul Fashion Week. It was great honour and pleasure to have went for the show. It was also my first fashion week out of Singapore, so I definitely was thrilled. I didn't had lots of time to roam around the venue of Seoul Fashion Week, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) though. I traveled to Seoul with my parents and I only had 2 tickets so my dad had to wait for us outside the hall. And that made him kinda cranky and impatient. Thus, the lack of time for other exploration around the plaza. 

I collected my tickets a few days before at Doota since I was already in Seoul by then. The tickets were sooo gorgeous lol. Well, at least prettier than the tickets we get for fashion week here. Now that I had fulfilled my dream of attending a fashion show out of my own country, I need to fulfill my next wish of attending designer and label KYE's show in Seoul next year. She's one of many Korean designers I truly adore and admire. 

Now, I'll let the pictures do the talking of S=YZ's show. 

I didn't take shots of all looks from the show. Just a few and my personal favourites. The theme for the show was, 'Bird Of Paradise', thus the words could be seen on the straw-like totes and clutches. I loved how there were also blouses and outerwear with prints of feathers on them. The gold, foil-ish pieces like the layered skirt and cape were really pretty as well. Overall, it was a collection with both a mixture of light, pastel and also bold and striking colours. Very enjoyable and pleasant. I would see myself wearing some of them, especially the shoes! I reaaally love those gold slip-ons. Simple and great for daily wear, for people like me who are lazy to dress up on most occasions hahah. The hats were pretty cute as well. 

I was fortunate to be moved up to the second row and because of that, I took some decent shots. But not sure if it's just my hands or my phone's shutter, I couldn't capture pics fast enough to make them look still.......oh well. 

What I really noticed from Seoul Fashion Week: everything was so prompt. There were hardly any delays. I attended Monte Milano's show before S=YZ's and everything was so on time and well-organized. Freebies were handed out to all of the guests when we entered and people started queuing for the next show almost immediately when the previous one finished. The staff let us in on time before the show started and everybody was punctual for the show. I guess the show was delayed but only for about 3-5 minutes which is hardly anything to nitpick about, compared to the shows you attend in Singapore which could've been delayed for 45 minutes (not even kidding here). I think that's something Seoul Fashion Week deserve a huge round of applause for their punctuality. I'm not sure about the other shows but the show I went was carried out great. 

Now onto my trip, it was soooo good. I swear. The people. The food. The weather. Everything went amazing. Ok, I admit I was pretty annoyed when it rained but that was only for a day. 

Again, let the pictures speak for itself. 

Armcandy game strong in Korea. My alien lost his gun and one of his arm halfway through my trip though...sadly.

Bulgogi kimbap. Not sushi. Cheapest nom you can ever get in Korea whenever you're feeling hungry. Boy, it tastes so damn good I'm missing it already. Missing something you can get for like 2,000 won in Korea rather than something else more expensive lol. Less is more!

Bought a drawing of Hanok Village from a very warm-hearted artist around Bukchon. He kindly signed it for me. Thank you nice ahjussi! Also, an overly-sweet milk tea at an architecture-themed cafe at Bukchon, as well. At least it was nice flipping through overwhelming number of architecture books and staring of architecture drawings on the walls. The barista was really nice though.

Hershey's chocolate drink. Cookies and cream flavoured. This satisfied my belly when I touched down in Seoul. I wish they had this in Singapore. Someone please tell me if you spot this or anything similar here ok! Please! :P

Jumpshot at Gyeongbokgung palace. THROWING MY AWKWARD HANDS IN THE AIR.

Last but not least, the best buy from my trip ever. Wrinkled skirt from LOW CLASSIC. Got it at A-Land, Myeongdong, for 98,000 won. Everybody's been commenting on how it looks like a trash bag whenever I wear it out. I get unfriendly glares too. Spare me and my pretty skirt please. Whatever it is, I still adore it as much as the time when I first saw it on the rack, that's for sure hehe. 

I have a ton of photos sitting in my gallery still, if you're wondering and I hope I get to share most of them sometime soon. Not in here though. I think this post is getting too lengthy hahahah. And I have lots of stories from Seoul I need to spill! 

Well, that's all for now. Anybody travelling to anywhere anytime soon? Let me know!
Be happy and enjoy your holidays if you have any.



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