Wang Craze

I was at the launch of Alexander Wang x H&M yesterday at the H&M flagship store, at Grange road, Somerset.
Nope, I totally didn't queue for anything. Sales started at 8:05am for the first 30 people in the queue and I only arrived at the store around 2pm-ish. I was determined to queue in the wee hours of the morning on the day of the launch but gave up eventually when I saw tweets on how the queue was already crazily long the day before. People started queuing about 2 days before. I'm very certain last year's Isabel Marant collab's queue was much more calmer because I was the first 80 in queue when I only queued in line 3 hours before the sales started. must be wondering if I got anything when I was so late for the launch and also when the queue was sooo bad. Yes. I got a skirt. And fortunately, it was the last piece. This is my first time feeling the gratitude of being able to fit into a size S lol hahahahaha. Absurd.

The story goes like this. When I arrived at the store, there were still sooo many people who were busy fighting and digging for the leftovers. There wasn't much left. Only plenty of plain crop tops and singlets were left, including some heavy parkas, leather trousers and the shoes. I immediately dived into the racks of remaining stuff left, hoping to find something I could afford and actually wear. I gave up after being squeezed constantly by disappointed mobs of people and just grabbed the scuba trousers and a pair of patterned jeans.

While I was queuing up to fit into those, I saw a lady that came out from trying her possible buys, she returned back a jacquard-knit skirt. I immediately asked the staff to pass it to me before anybody in front of me could ask for it (thinking back, i sounded pretty desperate lol). I got a few glares from the people behind me in the queue when they saw me getting the skirt hahahahh but oh well, who cares. It was sized S and it fitted me well. So thank goodness. I was so thankful and lucky.

My friend who initially wanted the key ring got the plain white cropped top instead because the key ring was sold out. The staff gave her the humongous black paper bag even though she bought only one item. I got the sport drawstring bag instead for my skirt which I love a lot!

Extremely happy even though it's only one item. I can now wear 'WANG' on my butt! (just kidding! :P) 

Wearing it out the next day when I was out to get lunch. I love how it's super comfy and wearable for a casual day out or to work. No regrets with my buy!

Me looking super pleased in the skirt. Honestly, I gave up the night before the launch because I knew I wouldn't get anything even if I queued in the morning. I am not very crazed about the collaboration this time because I don't wear sporty stuff that much and my figure is just...meh. I have no abs or flat stomach or whatsoever. So the stuff I wanted to get were pretty limited. No crop tops or anything. Still, the skirt looks good and I'm glad I got the last one. 

I heard that people had to deal with the police and some nasty people while queuing for the launch of this collab. All I have to say is...calm down, it's just A. Wang x H&M

But seriously guys......chill out.

What did you all get? Did you guys survive the madness? Leave a comment! 



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