Greetings from the exhausted me. I know I haven't been updating in a reaaaaaaally reaaaaaaally long time. I clearly haven't died yet, just too lazy and busy to blog here. I'm trying to make an effort to revive this dead blog and hence, this post. A post to catch up on all the outfits I wore and never posted here! Plus, extra updates on life. Warning: Pic heavy post. You have been warned. (I'll try to arrange them in an ascending order, that's only if I can remember lol)

Jacket // Zara
Dress // UNIF
Shoes // DKNY
Chain necklace // COS 
This was taken during the concert of Taeyang in Singapore (approx. Feb). I miss that month, in general. I didn't look that good back then, but at least I was happier and less stressed/sleep deprived.

Fedora // The Editors' Market
Top // Mango
Skirt // Fleamadonna
Shoes // ConverseChain necklace // COS
I have no idea when was this taken but all I know is, it was taken for a styling contest held by Samsung. And as obvious as it can get, I didn't win. *cues sad dramatic music* Just kidding. It was actually a contest held for people residing in Taiwan, but I still insisted and took part in it anyway. That definitely didn't help with my chances of winning HAHAHAH.

Dress // b+ab (from I.T. Singapore)
Shoes // Converse
Bag // Zara
Bracelets // Isabel Marant x H&M
I could definitely vividly remember when and where this was taken. At Changi Airport when I was there to fetch and see bae with my other friends. I had my eyes closed accidentally when my friend was taking it and I was too tired + lazy to retake it so, oh well. 

Top // Stylenanda 
Shorts // Cres E. Dim 
Shoes // DKNY
Hat // Fingercroxx (from I.T. Singapore)
Bag // Zara

Outerwear // 5cm (from I.T. Singapore)
Bag // Samo Ondoh
Hat // Fingercroxx (from I.T. Singapore)
This was from BIGBANG's MADE concert in Singapore. I had no time for a full body shot so why not in the toilet, right? (ok I admit it looks like shit but ahhhh). I was busy that day running from place to place like a lost kitten. Was fully exhausted back then but it was an amazing experience. I have talked about it on my other blog, if you're curious: SHLENE

Top // Stylenanda
Outerwear // 5cm (from I.T. Singapore)
Pants // Definitive
Shoes // DKNY
Bag // Zara

From when I visited Marina Bay Sands with a fellow friend for shopping and fooooooood. Felt great that day too. 

Jacket // Vintage
Dress // UNIF
Earrings // H&M
Choker // YB-518% bandana (self-made)

That was my last outfit post before I chopped my hair short again. Coincidentally that day, I found a pic of me when I was little in a denim jacket and I thought it would be cute to compare myself in one now to back then. I looked like such a tomboy back then hahahaha. At least I was cute and chubby (still am tbh). 

 I've been caught up with so much happenings recently and exams are just round the corner. I've been doing well recently with occasional mood swings everywhere. My thoughts are messed up as usual with my head clouded. Just looking for everything and anything as a source of motivation right now. I hope to be back with dressmaking classes soon. I've stopped going for them temporarily since I couldn't afford any time to commute from home to classes on a frequent basis. On a side note, I'll be back in Seoul soon in Nov! I'll be missing Seoul Fashion Week this time but I'm thrilled to be back soon.  (P.S. I'm currently at Intermediate 4 now for Korean. Yay?)

Bonus, and before I bid farewell again:

A picture to justify and mock of how short I am. I need a height lift. ASAP. 

Until next time,


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